Mutant Fish!!!


Saw a short video clip which states that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our water bodies than fish. The same video reminded me that fish are currently eating plastic which take a very long time to decompose. We eating this fish means we indirectly eat plastic. You may have seen ‘X-men’ ‘Deadpool’ or ‘Spiderman’ to understand what I mean when I say that the costly fish we passionately haggle to bring into our kitchen to cook may likely be mutated… I don’t presume we need a medical lecture to inform us mutated fish is not good for our health! (No we would not turn into Plasticman or any other, but thinking of the increase in rate of cancer patients may be an angle for discussion. That same video clip claims that over 200 million plastic products have been produced and only less than 20% has been recycled.

Plastic enters lagoons, streams, rivers and oceans, etc by people who drop bottles from boats and other vehicles (direct) and from the excess that flow into water bodies from landfills and dumpsites (indirect), which get filled up from our houses, offices and schools.
So ask yourself which are you responsible for do you dump plastic into our water directly or indirectly?
Would you be more conscious and engage people who do?
Would you be proactive and join us in #beatingplasticpolution, and call @recyclegarb to pick up your plastic waste?
Recycling is the solution to the mutated fish syndrome



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